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The Vampire Diaries

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Marloes Horst for Intimately Free People x For Love & Lemons

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New challenge: We proved we can get more than 1K reblogs a day
TVD Premieres 10/2.
Today is 7/28

We need 79,249 reblogs to 200Ks

Sounds doable to me!

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get to know me meme: [1/10] celebrity crushes » candice accola.

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Candice Accola Instagram

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#candice accola

Candice Accola Instagram

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#candice accola

My klaroline fanfictions !

Hey guys, just want to let you know that I haven’t given up on my fanfictions. State of grace and Small town sinners I’m just working on chapters. I want to be ahead before I start posting again :)

Seeing people talk about the crossover and mention Klaroline. All I can think is no way Julie would give us that.

Low expectations …….

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This video is incredible, I cry when I saw it…It’s all the reason why we love Klaus ! You can’t don’t love Klaus after you have see this (you can’t just don’t like him even you don’t have see it). It’s an incredible job, I just don’t have word to explain my self about it but I just want to share this video with all of you ❤️ The only way this video will be better it will be with Klaus moments in The Originals but already awesome and just omg just watch it and then tell what you think about…

Love you all ❤️

P.S : The video is not by me it’s by 777Katys

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Adam Brody for GQ Korea

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Klaus Mikaelson + tongue 

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klaus and caroline - favorite episodes

3x14 -I fancy you

4x7- you’re perfect

4x23- I intend to be your last

5x11- I will be honest with you

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Then how does anyone ever seem to move on?

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