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Old/new  picture from Nina’s 25th Birthday

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I wrote a thing


based on this gif (which is not my own but the OP should be in my earlier reblogs):


“Need a hand, love?” Klaus asked sweetly, even his smirk somehow seeming polite as he offered her his arm.

They were at the beginning of nearing the bridge above the brook…

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"I’m not blind, you know. I see how you watch me, and I see how you look at the men I spend my time with. I see you, Niklaus."

"You’re too familiar Lady Caroline," he scolded her for her lack of address and propriety. "And you see nothing."

"Oh stop it!" Caroline raged pushing at him with both hands now. "You drive me mad, I swear! Would you put and end to the formalities and the niceties for once in your life and just tell me what you really think of me-"

He had her pressed to the nearest window in a moment, his mouth fused to hers and his hands everywhere. He heard the slap before he felt it, and by then Caroline had already pushed him halfway across the hall. (FIC)

Klaroline Tudor AU; for Lindsay aka ravenclawslibrary, whose amazing KC fics and metas always give me feels. Thanks for helping me narrow down the final edits and I hope you were très inspired by them when writing!

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Daily reminder #3: "Caroline has gone through a lot of hardships but she still remains positive.” -selenaxsalvatore.

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she exhaled her darkness like constellations

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        B O O M !  C L A P !
                             sound of my heart;
                                          the beat goes on and on and on and
        B O O M !  C L A P !
                             you make me feel good;
                                         come on to me, come on to me n o w

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a city sorrow built; “we’re moving on with our lives. together.”

a mix for bonnie bennett, caroline forbes, and elena gilbert

mix cover by the lovely sally

1. graveyard. feist/ 2. the lonely. christina perri/ 3. farewell and goodnight. birdy/ 4. dear darkness. pj harvey/ 5. without a word. birdy/ 6. to darkness. mumford & sons/ 7. come away with me. norah jones/ 8. sorrow. the national/ 9. life will kill you. iida/ 10. ghost town. first aid kit/ 11. ready for a fall. p.j. olsson


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I will be


and you will be



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