Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo and Megan Follows at the Comic Con social photobooth. (x)

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every year. 

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If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be.

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We only need 1106 reblogs to 150Ks

For a fanbase that trends at will…THAT’S NOT EVEN BREAKING A SWEAT.

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Klaroline AU - There’s one more reason why Katherine’s been trying to bond with Caroline.

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As of right now, voting has Started! So go **VOTE** for your favorites!

REMEMBER nominees shall be disqualified if they try and  ‘win over’ votes with bribes (i.e. VOTE FOR ME AND I WILL PROMO YOU). The strict rule is that; while you can inform your followers that you have been nominated and ask them to vote for you, you cannot however, promo/rate/take requests (for drabbles/gifs/whatever) in exchange for votes. Any form of unfair methods used to gain votes will not be accepted. Isn’t it better to win fairly? And on the merit of your work?

Any other forms of bribery, whether in forms of promos or requests for drabbles/gifset/etc will result in instant disqualification.


Thank you and Spread the Word!

Klaroawards Mods

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE | [5/7] Actresses » Candice Accola

"I thought I’d be edgy and dye my hair red. And I dyed my hair, like, Jessica Rabbit red. It kind of allowed me to have this whole new confidence and this whole new swagger and this whole new sense of self. It kind of brought out the inner rock star in me. I had never dyed my hair like that, and no one forgot me after that."

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the vampire diaries meme: two families [2/2] → The Forbes Family

#kill liz forbes in s6 kill her kill her P L E A SE I BEG YOU I’M ON MY K N E E S#because it’s the only way we’ll get anything for caroline and caroline alone it’s the only way#we’ll ever get any more#about the forbes family#all the wasted potential buried right within her family line remember daddy who couldnt be compelled no vervain needed#remember their family ancient and strong#remember that lakehouse why couldnt anything have COME from it except useless bitter nothing#kill liz forbes in s6#and we might be on our way#tv: tvd#you’re an ocean caroline forbes

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all of us have a secret
all of us are guilty
all of us are lost

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Update my Klaroline fanfiction Small Town Sinners !

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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#tvd #klaroline


We are proud to present the FINALISTS page that contains all of this years Klaroline Awards finalists. PLEASE take a look at it to see if you are on there in case tumblr did eat any of our asks that we sent out.

If you’ve been nominated feel free to use one of the GIFS while letting others know of your nominations.

Thank you,
Klaroaward Mods

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Happy 6 month anniversary of the Klarosex!!


And Klarokiss…

And Klaroline smiles…


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Sweetheart, put away the bear spray!

          I was protecting myself!

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